Tarangire National Park

About Tarangire National Park

About Tarangire

Tarangire National Park is found in Northern circuit of Tanzania, south of Lake Manyara National park, it is a protected land filled with colossal baobab trees and herds of huge elephants, the park has the highest population of elephants in the country, Despite the fact that it has the wildlife diversity to rival that of the Serengeti it actually does not enjoy the huge number of tourists like Serengeti and Ngorongoro therefore making an exciting and somewhat exclusive experience to those who do make it to the park.

Tarangire National Park has a permament river, River Tarangire, that cuts across the National park and dumps its water south of the park at Lake Burunge. The river is a major attraction in the park and it is the only source of water during the dry season, allowing thousands of wildlife to congregate around it and provide a pretty remarkable spectacle.

Tourists usually tour through the park together with the A-list destinations of Ngorongoro and Serengeti which are nearby. It is a two hour drive from the major city of Arusha, your arrival point, and can also be accessed by air to an airstrip within the park, Flying in is a very unique experience as you get to see the park unfolding beneath you.

The Park offers all kinds of comfortable accommodation, from luxurious safari lodge to high class mobile camps depending on your budget. The accommodations can be inside the park, giving you a closer experience to the ecosystem or on a nearby vibrant town of Karatu, amongst the local community which is very fascinating itself

You can take game drives around the park enjoying its rich biodiversity, lions prowling the plains, leopards intelligently sitting in the park’s Matete woodlands or take a drive to the silale swamps and see antelopes gazelles and other herbivores drinking and eating from the swamps with predators lurking in the edges, you can also drive to spot the ever-present elephants sharpening its tusks on the huge baobab trees.

Tarangire national Park also offers Nature walks around the park giving tourists the unique experience of getting closer to nature and having a feel of the park, you will also learn about the park and see the smaller animals in the grass plains.

Take a trip south of the park and witness the famous poacher’s hide, A huge 300 hundred year old Baobab tree that has a slightly hidden entrance to a 10 meter wide chamber that was used by the poachers in the early days.
Best Time to Visit Tarangire

Tarangire national park is a joyous place to visit all year round, however from August to October when it is dry all round animals migrate to the park and head to River Tarangire and other wet waterholes in the park. Thousands of wildebeests, hartebeests, antelopes and more migrate to the park’s water bodies which in turn attracts predators such as lions and leopards too. It is the best time to view wildlife as the grass is short and the wildlife is plenty.

Weather & Climate

Tarangire has friendly cool temperatures all year round with the highest temperatures around 29 ⁰C during January to March and the lowest go down to 13 ⁰C. The park has its peak wet season in between April and May and it’s dry during August to October (favorable safari season).
Tarangire National Park wildlife

Tarangire National park is famous for its high number of huge elephants that freely roam the park, other than this gigantic creatures the park is very rich in its wildlife biodiversity, it has a variety of big mammals and a very rich assortment of bird species for the birders. Tourists can see lions leopards, cheetah, spotted hyenas and other dangerous predators lurking in the shadows for Zebras, antelopes gazelles and other prey that graze in the park. Tall beautiful giraffes are seen picking at the tall thorny trees in the park alongside buffalos and wildebeest. Birds like the crested francolins, yellow-necked sparrows, steppe eagles are among some of the beautiful birds that are known to peak the intrests of dedicated birders.

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