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About Ribris Safaris

The Best Travel Agency In Tanzania.

About Ribris Safaris

“Karibu,” this is Swahili, a polite language which means “Welcome.”

Ribris Safaris Ltd is a competent company in Tourism and Travel services in Tanzania. Our products and services range from mountain trekking, safaris, air ticketing, cultural tourism, beach holidays, car hiring, day tour excursions, accommodation, conference, and events management.

The company has wide experience and offers excellent personalized services tailored to meet your specific interests. We have a distinguished, reputable, and growing clientele base.

We work with individuals, companies, and groups in organizing all kinds of eco-tourism in different areas, such as photography, cultural, religious, nature, and adventure.

Why adventure with Ribris Safaris

Why adventure with us?

We design and test our own special routes to ensure they have that unique ‘Tanzanian adventure touch.’ Since we specialize in Tanzania, we can provide top-quality experiences. Our fantastic local guides, who know a lot about Tanzania, will be there with you to turn your trip from ‘amazing’ to ‘unforgettable.’

You and our Tanzania expert will work together to plan your ideal trip. We combine our knowledge with your ideas. You can sit back and relax while we organize your dream trip. Our on-the-ground team and many local partners will bring your ideas to life, all at the best price available. We believe in being completely transparent about our prices, so you know exactly where the costs come from. That makes sense, right? It certainly does to us.

Helping You To Create A More Exciting Tailor-Made Tours!

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