Nyerere National Park

About Nyerere National Park

About Nyerere

This UNESCO world heritage site which was previously known as Selous game reserve is one of the best places and considered a hidden secret in Tanzania’s wildlife scene. Found in the lesser famous southern circuit (South Tanzania) Nyerere National park previously known as Selous game reserve sprawls around 50,000 square kilometers of lush green savannah, gentle highlands, savannah woodlands, Miombo woodlands and more making this one of the largest and biodiversity rich protected areas in Africa, It is even bigger than Switzerland! The Park also has a major river, River Rufiji flowing through it adding to the exceptional biodiversity offered by the park, it is reported that the park is the only Miombo woodland area with the highest concentration of biodiversity boasting over 2,100 plant species.

Nyerere National park is only a few hours from Dar es salaam, Tanzania’s business capital and it is close to Zanzibar a world renowned beach holiday destination enabling tourists to plan an exciting safari and later relax by the beach. The park is also accessible by fights to its air strip located deep into the park, flights to the park offers remarkable views of river rufiji and the sprawling miombo woodlands from the sky giving visitors a very rare experience.

The Park offers all kinds of accommodations from luxurious safari lodges by the vast River Rufiji to mobile camps in and around the park. The lodges and camps are remarkable and of a world standard allowing our visitors to have a very fun and relaxed holiday.

You may take game drives in the vast park, keeping an eye out for the vast diverse wildlife that the park enjoys, endangered wild dogs can be seen strolling around the park, herds of Buffalos and elephants can be spotted in the woodlands, giraffes, antelopes, zebras and more graze around the parks lush green plains and predators such as lions and leopards are also a main acts in the park.

Boat Safari along River Rufiji is a rare safari activity that this park offers, having a permanent water body that cuts through the park it provides a rare opportunity for you to enjoy the Park while sailing on a boat. Boat rides are mostly done during the sunset when the water is relatively calm and the view is very impressive, enjoy the sight of crocodiles and hippos in the river and the rich birdlife flying either side of you.

Walking Safaris are another exciting fixture in Nyerere National Park, take guided walks through the plains and woodlands enjoying a surreal moment in the wilderness. You will learn and see some elusive flora and fauna in your guided walks around Nyerere National Park.

Time to visit and climate

The Nyerere National park is remarkable all year round but during the dry months of June to October it is when wildlife viewing is more enjoyable as it is easier to spot wildlife in the now short sparse grass. March to May has heavy rains.

The park is found in the unforgiving warm south so it may get to 31 ⁰C in the dry season (summer temperatures) and go as low as 17⁰C in the colder period, nevertheless being in an open area with lots of trees it gets mild and comfortable in the park.

Nyerere National Park Wildlife

Nyerere National Park offers a large diverse assortment of wildlife, predators such as lions, the endangered wild dogs and leopards can be sighted lurking in the tall grass pursuing zebras, antelopes, gazelles and other prey. The park is reported to have the highest population of hippos in the world! You may also see lots of crocodiles swimming in River Rufiji, it gets even more fascinating when you are sailing by them! Herds of elephants and Buffalos are commonly seen in the woodlands.

The Park also hosts rare and endangered wildlife like the black rhinos, Lichtenstein hartebeest, Nyasa wildebeest and elands.

Also flying about in the park is a very rich birdlife of about 400 bird species making the park a birders dream, the rare pel’s fishing owl can be seen in Nyerere National Park.

Journey to another untouched wonder of nature and enjoy a somewhat private safari in the park. Contact Us to schedule your stay and itinerary in this southern gem.

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