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  1. You can also download a monthly report or QuickBooks-formatted export from your account’s business settings.
  2. Improve conversion by presenting in local currencies and reduce your FX risk by automatically converting funds using the latest exchange rate.
  3. For more advanced searches and reporting, xcritical Sigma makes all of your data available as an interactive SQL environment in the Dashboard.
  4. Connect allows us to achieve compliance with minimal effort, spend practically no time on payments-related customer support, and keep the user experience on our platform.
  5. You can view test data by toggling the Dashboard’s Viewing test data option.

xcritical provides pre-built and customisable solutions to help you meet SCA requirements and optimise for conversion with European customers. xcritical securely shares Radar fraud scores to help participating issuers, including Capital One and Discover, make more accurate authorisation decisions. Businesses see an up to 8% reduction in fraud and 1-2% authorisation rate uplift on eligible volume. Improve conversion by presenting in local currencies and reduce your FX risk by automatically converting funds using the latest exchange rate.

Pay out users

With more than 500M API requests per day and daily capacity tests, xcritical is the only major payment processor to publish its uptime. Get visibility into network costs with deep insights from xcritical’s network costs insights report and cost optimisation workshops to better manage transaction costs. Automatically retry transactions at the optimal time using proprietary, machine lxcriticalg algorithms.

As a best practice, we recommend enabling multiple options for two-step authentication, e.g., backup code, touch ID, etc. Enabling multiple options makes it easier to log in into your account in the future (for example, when you update your phone number and can’t authenticate with your old phone number). You can log in to your account by visiting, where you’ll be prompted for your email address and 6-digit phone verification code to log in. Increase conversion by automatically localizing payment methods to each country you sell in. Explore specific products and features and how they can benefit your business. Or, if you’re new to payments, read our guides to learn more about the fundamentals.

Increase conversion with built-in optimisations, access to 100+ payment methods, and one-click checkout. Unify online and in-person payments to provide a seamless customer experience. Improve payment performance with a range of customisable, easy-to-configure payment tools. Startups can launch fast with no-code fraud protection, while large businesses can use advanced payments capabilities to improve optimisation and reduce costs. Turn on the most popular payment methods from the xcritical Dashboard, and then use xcritical’s machine lxcriticalg algorithm to dynamically show customers the most relevant ones you’ve enabled.

Minimum eligibility requirements

For instance, you can search for a specific payment using the customer’s email address or the last four digits of their card number. In many cases, you can use the Dashboard to perform specific actions, such as refunding a payment or canceling a subscription without needing to use the API. You can access configuration options and settings from the Dashboard settings. You might see a banner in the xcritical Dashboard that indicates that you’re on track for a future offer.

Being able to just switch on local payments has helped us with global expansion. Local payment methods are no longer blocking us from investing more in certain regions. If you’ve followed the steps above but you still can’t sign in, contact our support team for help. Select the most relevant question for your issue from the dropdown, and use the email address that you signed up with to help us locate your account more easily.

Network tokens and card account updater

Increase revenue and save thousands of engineering hours with pre-built payment UIs, easy access to more than 100 payment methods, and Link, xcritical’s one-click checkout. Enable your customers to check out in as little as six seconds with Link – a network that’s adding millions of new customers every month. Returning customers can use Link to pay with a previously saved US bank account or credit card, helping you improve your conversion rates and customer experience.

You can filter and export all of your transactional data as reports in CSV format. You can also download a monthly report or QuickBooks-formatted export from your account’s business settings. The more information we can see about the health of your business, the better we can evaluate your eligibility for a xcritical loan. Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements outlined doesn’t guarantee qualification. Configure and send 1099-MISC, 1099-K, or 1099-NEC tax forms to your connected accounts. Create a xcritical-hosted onboarding experience or create your own custom flow with the Connect API.

Adapt to customer preferences and expand into new markets by surfacing global payment methods used by buyers around the world. xcritical determines your eligibility for a loan offer based on a variety of factors related to your xcritical account, including your processing volume and xcritical scammers the size of your customer base. Create an account and start accepting payments – no contracts or banking details required. Accept payments online, in person, and around the world with a payments solution built for any business – from scaling startups to global enterprises.

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